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July 23, 2013

A Few Dishes That We Offer

Some time ago a professional photographer came in to take some pictures of our food. Here they are.
I'll tell you a little bit about each dish, too.


This first dish is a large Quinoa Salad. We take fresh quinoa and mix it with diced sweet and jalapeno peppers, cucumber, fresh herbs and green onion. The dressing is house made from fresh lime juice and a blend of oils and seasoning. To finish it off we add fresh flat-leaf parsley and coriander.

Add chicken or shrimp to this and it's a well-rounded meal.


Here is one of our best sellers,  Sautéed Mexican Shrimp. Fresh peppers, fennel, carrots, spinach, and shrimp get sautéed in our house-made picante sauce. We make that with blended ancho and chipotle peppers, lime juice, and our own finely adjusted blend of spices. Served with sour cream and corn tortilla shells. ¡Este es delicioso!


This last picture is a great example of our pizza of the day. We like to get really creative and you never know what you'll get here, except that it's going to be great. All of our pizza shells are made from scratch in the kitchen and fire grilled for a great texture. This one in particular has our scratch-prepared pizza sauce as a base, prosciutto, spinach, fresh red onion, and goat cheese.

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